Overbust or Underbust?

Overbust corsets are great for bust support and a timeless shape.  A-C Cups are best fit in the 310 Demi-Bust corsets.  D-E Cups are best fit in the 320 Full-Bust corsets.  DD and larger cups are best fit in the 330 bust gore corsets.  Overbust corsets are also well fit for back support and standing.

Underbust corsets are great for comfort and mobility.  For flexibility and comfort, the 210 short length is a great choice.  For hip control, back support, and clean lines under clothes, the 220 Edwardian is recommended. For clean lines and showcasing an extreme shape, the 230 Longline is recommended.

You may also find our Corset Glossary helpful.

What fabrics should I choose?

Cotton is a great breathable option that can be spot cleaned if needed.  Satins and polyesters are great fashion options that often have a timeless look and are less susceptible to collecting pet hair. Fashion fabrics are great for making a statement or even just adding some elegance.  Vinyl is a great budget replacement for leather and can also be a vegan replacement.  Leather is a great strong and beautiful material for corsets.  We use real leather, so colors may vary slightly, and inconsistencies in the leather is natural.

Ordering fabrics online is scary…….

We agree! If you’re not sure on the colors of a corset or the textures on a fabric, you can order fabric samples!  We sell 3 samples in a pack so that you can choose a few and pick your favorites.  These can be found under the Services section of our shop.

What shape of corset should I order?

Our corsets are shaped to have a hybrid cupped and conical ribcage in order to gently caress the ribcage and then curve in at the waist.  Cupped hips give plenty of room for movement and hips.

All of our corsets come in three levels of curve.  Gentle Curve corsets are ideal for a soft reduction and wearing underneath of a garment like a wedding dress. Our standard corsets are great for the average wearer and every-day wear.  Our high hip spring corsets are best suited for customers with a larger hip to waist ratio.

You may also find our Corset Glossary helpful.

Corset Sizing

How small should I order my corset?

All of corset measurements have been made from the inside of an opened corset.  For a gentle reduction we recommend ordering a corset 3-4 inches below your natural waist measurement.  For a standard to moderate reduction we recommend ordering a corset 5-6 inches below your natural waist measurement.  For a greater reduction we recommend a corset that is 7+ inches below your natural waist.  For many corset wearers this takes training and consistency in order to lace down this tightly.

What is Squish?

Squish refers to amount of muscle or lack thereof that each person is made up of.  Everyone squishes differently and in different places, as such, who people with the same measurements can wear differently sized corsets.

I’m still not sure what corset to order……….

If you’re still not sure, we offer fittings and custom patterning in order to suit any concerns that you might have!  Our fittings include 2 custom mockups made to fit you.  Custom pattern also includes 2 fittings.  Both of these options can be found under the services section of our shop


Fit and sizing suggestions made by Corsets and Cogs are just that, suggestions. If a fit or sizing suggestion is incorrect Corsets and Cogs will not be held liable, these suggestions are given to help our customers more easily find the correct corset.  More accurate fittings are available in our storefront, but we will help you online to the best of our ability!

Shipping and Returns

How long does it take for you to ship my corset?

In stock corsets ship within 3 business days of order.  It takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks for standard custom corsets to ship.  Fittings take 2 weeks between each, the final corset will ship 3 weeks from final fitting.  Please note, shipping to other countries will taking longer than shipping within the United States

Do you take returns?

For ready-made corsets, we ask that the corset has not been worn for more than 15 minutes for the purpose of fitting and is returned within 2 weeks of being received. The corset must be like new condition and be in resalable condition.  There will be a 10% restocking fee, and the customer pays return shipping.  We are not able to offer refunds on any custom corsets.

Privacy & Security

Corsets and Cogs will not under any circumstance sell, distribute, or share your personal information to any third party or entity. We take great care to insure that your privacy is protected and will only use this information in the manner implied by each form on this web site. Under no circumstance does Corsets and Cogs condone, encourage, promote, or participate In the act of sending unsolicited emails.