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Progress Log: 11/19/2016

  • Initiated SSL and confirmed that it is working. Updated site to point to HTTPS.
  • Made Paypal payment option live.
  • Tested Paypal payment process and confirmed that order details are generating correctly in Woo.
  • Made site live.


  1. Fabric Swatch gallery was created but has no real images in it. If you want to keep this feature we’ll need to add images to the Swatch gallery so the link can be placed in the Fabric section of the FAQ. Since you have all the original images and know the numbering system, probably best for you to do this.

    Click Photo Gallery toward the bottom of the WordPress sidebar.
    A gallery called Fabric Swatches has already been created. Click on the gallery name Fabric Swatches to open it.
    Once it has opened, click the blue Add Images button toward the bottom of the page.
    In the window that opens, double click the folder icon named Fabric Swatches.  (There are currently 3 fake swatches in it that can be removed.)
    Click the Upload Files button and use the popup window to import the desired swatch images from your computer.
    Once images have uploaded, select all the swatch images you’d like to add to the gallery and then click the Add Selected Images to Site button.
    The images should now appear in the Fabric Swatches gallery listing where you can edit the name of each swatch to match your number system.
    I have already created a page for the swatch gallery ( It will just need to be added back to the FAQ page once the gallery is completed.

  2. I still need to update the code that generates the “# Items in Stock” notation on product pages. Working on a solution to that.