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Progress Log – July 31, 2016

  • Turned off review products
  • Connected JetPack for Social Media button optimization
  • Tried to set up Swatch ordering in multiples of 3 but none of the free plugins I tried worked correctly.
    • Options are:
      • Ask customer to type desired swatch names in during ordering process
      • Purchase a plugin that allows Composite products (
      • Purchase a plugin that adds a text box to the product page
  • Set all External product buttons and external links to open in a new tab
  • Added Swatch Gallery

To Do:

  • Discuss method for implementing Corset subcategories. Individual Pages? Or Drop down for 5, 6 and 7 levels?
  • Add Swatch Gallery
  • Point Nav main categories to landing pages and add Subcategory photos directing to shop
  • Create 404 page
  • Create Policies Page
  • Style Email Templates
  • Add Clothing subcategories